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Kelly Financial Services, Inc.

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Payroll Preparation

Since 1990, Kelly Financial Services, Inc has offered a perfectly executed payroll processing service to our clients.  A Payroll Service which saves them time, money and keeps the payroll process confidential from other employees.

Payroll can be processed weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll periods, in certain cases we can provide 2 hour turn around for payroll.

Payroll wages can be calculated by using the hourly, salary, tipped employee compensation, prevailing wage payroll, or any other method which the Client requires or may be required to pay employees.

KFSI provides a special combination of local customer service and support. Our payroll services are all inclusive – as we prepare the payroll, file the tax deposits, prepare the quarterly tax returns, annual tax returns, and handle the workman’s compensation insurance audits.

Along with the Payroll Services, we will prepare all required 1099s for the Employer to help keep them in tax compliance.

Our payroll service is fast, efficient and trouble-free. Our confidential, cost-effective Payroll Service eliminates the tedious chore of payroll processing in your office. It is a natural extension of the monthly financial reporting and tax services KFSI provides. Allow us to help you make more profitable use of your business day by assisting with this critical but time-consuming task.

KFSI’s Payroll Service produces professional, computer-generated checks for your employees and all related tax agencies and other payments, along with a wide variety of available payroll reports and analyses. With our Payroll Service, payroll is no longer a tedious process. It is a smooth function of your business!